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Rules for Superintendence and Management of Jails in the State of Assam The Prisoners (Attendance in Courts) Act, 1955
Rules under The Good Conduct Prisoners, Probational Release Act, 1938 The Prisoners Act, 1900
The Assam Home Guards Act & Rules, 1947 The Prisons (Assam Amendment) Act, 1956
The Assam Jail Service Rules, 1986 The Prisons (Assam Amendment) Act, 1967
The Assam Prisons (Leave and Emergency Release) Rules, 1968 The Prisons Act, 1894
The Good Conduct Prisoners' Probational Release Act, 1938 The Transfer of Prisoners Act, 1950
   The Arms (Amendment) Act 1988  The Assam Police Service Rules, 1966
 The Arms Act 1959  The Notifications
 The Arms Rules 1962  The Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act, 1922
The Assam Fire Service Act, 1985 The Police (U.P. Amendment) Act, 1939
The Assam Fire Service Rules, 1989 The Police (U.P. Amendment) Act, 1944
The Police Act, 1861 The Police (U.P. Amendment) Act, 1952
The Police Act, 1949 The Police Act, 1888
The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966 The U.P. Pradeshik Armed Constabulary Act, 1948
The Railway Protection Force Act, 1957